I started seeing Kristen for support surrounding fertility, which turned out to be one of the most lovely and healing experiences for me.

She provided nutritional counseling, acupuncture, energy work, sound healing, and more. Kristen has such a warm and loving presence, which increased comfortability and vulnerability throughout the process.

The healing and support she provided me ultimately assisted me in reaching a healthy pregnancy. I could not be more grateful.

-Leah M 
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Kristen is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

She is not only an exceptional acupuncturist, she also combines so many healing modalities that relax and nourish. I will definitely be continuing my healing journey with Kristen and highly recommend Inspired Wellness for yours!

– Jennifer D

I relocated to my home area in NY State after decades in San Francisco, and one of the things I missed was my long-time acupuncturist. After trying a couple of local options, I struck gold with Kristen. She’s not only great with the needles, but she’s intuitive and extremely knowledgeable about health related matters. It’s like going on a retreat when I visit her and she’s very generous with her time and follow up too. Needless to say, I highly recommend her!

– Matt V

I have been working with Kristen for six years and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with fertility and general overall well-being.

I first began seeing her when I was going through fertility struggles. In consultation with a fertility doctor and weekly acupuncture with Kristen, we found out we were pregnant and welcomed a healthy baby soon thereafter. I continued to see Kristen for overall health and relaxation needs and her warmth and compassion is unparalleled.

When it came time to add to our family, I again turned to Kristen for additional support while going through fertility treatments and soon found we were expecting again. She has continued to support me throughout my pregnancy and creates a safe space where I have experienced deep healing and connection to myself and the world around me.

– Alex P

Kristen is an excellent healer!

I have had various physical and emotional issues, and Kristen’s acupuncture treatments have made all the difference. Kristen’s calm, kind and nurturing demeanor made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. Kristen has also helped me approach my overall health holistically- and will always offer suggestions if I am struggling.

I can’t say enough good things about Kristen – my experience with her has been a game changer in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend Kristen!

– Karen C
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Chinese Herbal Medicine

I just want to say thank you.

I came to Kristen about three months ago in pain, that has hampered my running for over a year and a half. I was desperate, my “traditional” doctors had failed me long enough. I was unfamiliar with acupuncture and had little hope it would change my condition. I could not have been more wrong.

Kristen’s personal approach, tenderness, and professionalism fundamentally changed how I viewed my condition and my overall approach to personal health. This injury had robbed me of personal happiness. I was told to just “stop” running for awhile and do something different.

As an athlete, she understood that running was not an “exercise” for me but a lifestyle. Running is the conduit for both my mental and physical health. It is where my family is, where I share life with others in my community. It is where I find inspiration, strength, and happiness. I have many pictures and great memories of events I have done since her excellent work has allowed me to continue running pain free.

– Steven D

I had a very positive experience working with Kristen.

I worked with her during a time of infertility and eventually throughout my pregnancy. Kristen is knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate in her line of work. Furthermore, I found her to be extremely attentive and empathetic to my situation. She consistently responded in a gentle manner with a calming approach.

Not only did she support me through acupuncture, but also had suggestions that I could implement day-to-day (I.e. Lifestyle modifications, food choices) in order to maximize the goal I was working towards. Overall, it was a wonderful experience working with Kristen!

– Jessica M
Eastern Nutritional Therapy

I had my first acupuncture appointment with Kristen shortly after having my first child — I was looking for holistic approaches to treating several ongoing ailments (stomach pains, eczema, and tension headaches).

As a breastfeeding mom, I was hesitant to take medications, and was interested in trying something new. Kristen is warm, calm, and compassionate, and made me feel at ease from the very start.

I found my first few weeks of treatment with her so helpful that acupuncture with Kristen has now become part of my routine — not only treating, but also preventing flare-ups of my health issues. Acupuncture has supported and balanced my body for years now, including through my second pregnancy.

Kristen has also been an encouragement and coach for my wellness more globally, always interested in the steps I’ve taken outside of acupuncture to better balance my body — for example my recent foray into mindfulness meditation. I took a free, online course in mindfulness during pregnancy, and (unexpectedly!) this along with acupuncture helped tremendously in my recent labor.

I can’t thank Kristen enough for her support, and most highly recommend her to anyone looking for a similar experience!

– Betsy B

First of all, it does not hurt, not at all.

Secondly Kristen is the embodiment of calm, kindness, and caring. She has demeanor that encourages peace before the treatment even begins. I am not comfortable with strangers, especially in situations where I am vulnerable. I am more tense after a massage than before and I had to observe several chiropractic adjustments before I would allow the doctor to touch me.

With Kristen I was comfortable immediately. The effects of acupuncture for me were all positive.

It gave me better mood and less symptoms of anxiety. I did also have a measurable effect. My wife and I were receiving fertility treatments. My sperm count nearly doubled between the first test and the second with the only change being acupuncture and my wife, who was also a patient of Kristen’s, is pregnant.

I cannot thank Kristen enough, she has been amazing.

– Chris O

I was given Kristen’s name from one of my health care providers in the hope that acupuncture could help with my fertility issues.

After a year of trying on our own to have a baby without success, my husband and I had been diagnosed with “unspecified infertility”. I found acupuncture and Kristen both to be extremely helpful along our journey. Kristen is very knowledgeable about the benefits of Chinese medicine and how to incorporate it into your life to help with fertility issues.

It was after routine acupuncture visits, changing my diet based on Kristen’s recommendations and adding some yoga into my life, that my husband and I were able to conceive and have a successful pregnancy and the most adorable little guy as a result. Without Kristen’s help, I don’t know if this would have been possible. Kristen is wonderful and an extremely kind person. I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and during busy and stressful times, acupuncture made me feel relaxed and recharged! Acupuncture also helped treat some symptoms I had during pregnancy, such as nausea and persistent allergies.

I truly believe that without Kristen’s help I would not be holding my little guy in my arms. I can not thank you enough Kristen!

– Jenny G
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I began seeing Kristen for acupuncture at the end of my first pregnancy when I was facing debilitating back pain that had left me on bed rest. She successfully relieved my back pain and helped support my pregnancy during those integral last few weeks.

I then continued to see her for fertility and routine care until I became pregnant with my second. She treated me from conception to birth and was a fantastic resource when facing potential induction at the end of my pregnancy. Her experience and knowledge were extremely helpful as we utilized acupuncture to get labor going. Kristen has now cared for me throughout my third pregnancy, providing amazing care as I faced new challenges like severe morning sickness and breech presentation.

I couldn’t be happier to have her calming, thoughtful and dedicated care during these very special years of pregnancy and postpartum.

Kristen’s dedication and passion for her profession and patients leaves you feeling confident, supported and in much better health than before.

– Sarah C